Bitcoin Casino Games

Bitcoin casinos have become the biggest hit in the online gaming industry, and they are taking iGaming to a new level with unique features like player anonymity, simple interfaces, easy payment methods, and, most recently, exclusive game collections. Bitcoin casinos now offer an unusual collection of games quite similar to popular video games and online gambling options. Still, they have more exciting features and are strangely exclusive to Bitcoin or crypto casinos. This review covers all you need to know about Bitcoin casino games and how they differ from regular casino games.

Free bitcoin casino games 

Playing at a Bitcoin casino is no different from your regular online gambling options. Well, except that most Bitcoin casinos only accept Bitcoin transactions and have special options, games, and promotions that you may not find in regular online casinos. It would seem that Bitcoin casinos offer better benefits than traditional casinos, but let’s focus on their exclusive games.

The game lobby at most Bitcoin casinos includes popular game selections like Slots, Poker, Blackjack, and other table games. You may also find Bingo, Keno, and sports betting options, which are also available in most fiat online casinos. However, Bitcoin casinos offer exclusive game lists that are not available in other fiat casinos.

The best part about these Bitcoin casino games is that you can play most of them for free. Most BTC casinos offer these games as risk-free opportunities for their new members and less experienced players to build their knowledge of the game. Unfortunately, these risk-free games do not have any reward. The players only play for the experience and game points, but they would have to pay for the real-money benefits.

Most popular casino games for bitcoin

Bitcoin casino games are still quite limited in number, being exclusive and all, but they are easily becoming some of the favorite games in the iGaming industry. The most popular crypto games come in specific ranges. Some of them are Crash games like Zeppelin, Jetx, or Aviator. Others are Btc Dice games developed by the respective gaming studio. You also have options like Keno, Limbo, and HiLo.

Crash games like Zeppelin, JetX, and Aviator are crash games where the player has to wager how long the game icon, usually a jet, plane, or hot air balloon, would last before it crashes. The closer you are to the crash range, the higher your chance of winning. Keno in Bitcoin casinos is similar to the Keno Lottery games, where the players place their bets on the outcome of a Random Number Generator, and the player wins if they have selected the correct number.

Differences Between Bitcoin Casino Games and Games at a Regular Casino

Bitcoin casino games share fundamental similarities with regular fiat casino games. The player has to wager on the game, most of them operate on Random Number generators, and they have high RTP percentages. This does not change the fact that there are some unique features in the Bitcoin and crypto casino games that you may never find in your regular games.

The most popular feature is that most Bitcoin games are Provably Fair games. These Provably Fair Games are casino games with high transparency and provable result features. The players and game provider can crosscheck the game to ensure that neither cheated the other and confirm that the winner got their win fairly. This feature is only available in cryptocurrency games and, by extension, is a basic feature of most Bitcoin casino games.

Another interesting difference between Bitcoin Games and fiat casino games is that Bitcoin games are often derivative and upgraded versions of popular casino games. Most Bitcoin casinos offer the same popular games as most fiat casinos. Still, their exclusive Bitcoin game collection also includes several games similar to these popular options but offer special features that are not available in the fiat option.

New players also enjoy unique benefits with Bitcoin casino games they may not get in Fiat Currency Casinos. Bitcoin casinos offer free games and risk-free simulations that players can explore without making deposits or losing money. These free games encourage less experienced players to get better insights into the game and improve their winning chances.

Bitcoin casino games allow Anonymous Players

As the hallmark of the decentralized economy, Bitcoin thrives on protecting the identity of its holders and giving them access to anonymous finance opportunities. This feature also rubs off on Bitcoin casino games as the players can play games and enjoy the casino benefits and rewards anonymously. Most Bitcoin casinos allow their player to set up their gaming profile with basic details and simple verification requirements. Players can make payments and receive their winnings in their crypto wallets if they have met the basic identification requirements, but they don’t have to go through lengthy KYC systems to enjoy these benefits.